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12 Week 1:1 Programme


Welcome to SJ Therapies

Welcome to Samantha Jane Therapies. I am a certified Holistic Physical Therapist and Life/Relationship Coach. 

I specialise in helping women and their families release and heal from Trauma, Stress and Anxiety so they can move forward and thrive in life, relationships and health.  See my 12 Week Coaching Programme HERE. 

Whether you need one to one support for yourself, yourself and your partner or help with certain behaviours and habits within the family home, I have over 12 years experience supporting many in a variety of different situations. 

Our body stores and remembers trauma. Our cells memorise fears and patterns but can't tell the difference between a 'real' threat or not. 

We are often triggered and a lot of the anxiety, depression, sadness, anger, fear, guilt or grief that we feel, not only loops and circulates causing havoc with our mindset and confidence, but our body physically stores it and it shows up as physical symptoms. 

My coaching and therapy approach is unique in its combination of both mindset and physical tools and skills to help release and move forward. Often, you would need to find support from different practices to tackle this. 

I bring a somatic blended approach to all of my clients on a 1 to 1 basis

Common areas I am often asked to support with are: 

Couples Relationship & Intimacy Concerns

Life/Business Coaching - (Overcoming fears, setting clear boundaries, self-confidence and achieving goals)


Depression and Anxiety 

Healing from Trauma

Parent and Child Relationships, Behaviour or Routines

The Power of 8 - Coaching Circle

If working 1:1 isn't for you just yet, but you'd like to experience healing and coaching with me in a safe space, I run beautiful Power of 8 Circles throughout the year.

Find out more here to see when the next one is...


Holistic Treatments - Perth, Scotland

@ The Nest, Thursdays only

As a holistic therapist, I enjoy treating my clients to help restore balance and harmony to their bodies as another way to relieve pain, stress, aches, tension both emotional and physical. I specialise in Eastern traditions, focusing my treatments on acupressure and energy techniques. BOOK HERE.

SJ Aromatherapy & Skincare

@ Online Shop

As an aromatherapist, I also handmake personalised Aromatherapy recipes for emotional balance and skincare solutions to solve and heal common skin conditions. These are made to order and specific to your needs. Using only natural, organic ingredients, you can be sure it is safe for you and your children/pets. SHOP HERE.

Life & Relationship Coach
Life & Relationship Coach

SJ Holistic Therapies
SJ Holistic Therapies

Therapies with Samantha Jane

Reflexology Perth Scotland
Reflexology Perth Scotland

Life & Relationship Coach
Life & Relationship Coach

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Client Testimonials


fiona owen

'I attended Sam’s reflexology classes with my two daughters and we are all loving it. The girls are so chilled by the end of each session and sleep extremely well. I love that I am learning skills to help them relax and ease anxiety. It’s a wonderfully bonding experience. Sam is a very patient teacher and so generous with her knowledge. I would highly recommend signing up for this course.'

client review.jpg

My daughter Sophie visited Sam as she was dealing with anxiety, stress and struggling with sleep. It took a few sessions but the difference Sam made to Sophie’s sleep was remarkable. After 6 great sessions I decided to sign up to the parent and child class, so I could help sophie when she needed it most. We both really enjoyed the classes, they really brought us closer together and helped me understand how Sophie was feeling. I can’t recommend both the reflexology and the parent classes more. I feel it’s something every parent would benefit hugely from for a great bed time routine.

fiona wilson.jpg

A very intuitive, empathic and intuitive practitioner, clearly has a passion and in-depth knowledge of her complementary therapies and cares very much about an individually tailored experience for every client. I felt very safe and relaxed in Sam's care. Highly recommend Sam as a therapist, particularly if it's your first time and you feel nervous. Very calming personality. Looking forward to trying more treatments.

aromatherapy product review

I have had the pleasure of getting a trauma massage from Samantha and it was wonderful. I felt so relaxed, I drifted off to sleep during it and felt so light afterwards. Samantha made me feel very welcome and has such a lovely calming presence about her.

I absolutely love the products that I have got from Samantha.

*The foot balm is wonderful, nice fresh minty and zesty fragrance to it. I have even given my 2 tear old daughter a relaxing foot massage using the foot balm and she was so chilled out afterwards.

*The relaxing roll on is fab, easy to pop in your bag and have on hand to roll on and have a relaxing aroma to ease stress. I've also been using the roll on in the evenings to help aid my little one to sleep and to relax, and it seems to be working which is great because her getting off to sleep in these times have been terrible.

*The lip balm is lovely and lasts for ages, so you don't need to keep reapplying.

*I've been using the inhaler in times of significant stress, and I have noticed a big difference in my mood after using it. This is also compact and easy to carry around with you.

*The body oil smells amazing and applies all over the body very well.

I would highly recommend Samantha's services and products.

Thank you so much Samantha, x

Laura Souter, Client


'I have two boys aged 7 and 3. My youngest has had bowel issues pretty much since he was a few weeks old and this has resulted in awful temper tantrums from him and stress for us all. I had post natal depression stemming from this and so I didn't have much of a relationship with him. Doing Samantha's parent and child course has enabled us to build a much closer relationship because we can spend quiet and relaxed 1-1 time together which we just couldn't do before. He didn't sit for the entire time - he's 3, but he is able to chill out much more than ever before. Samantha's calmness and understanding meant I didn't stress that he wasn't sitting down the whole time and she still supported me to learn even without little feet to rub. The relationship I have with my youngest is so much closer now. I love spending time with him and he doesn't seem to be in the pain that he was before. An added bonus is that I can also use techniques learned on my older son who thorouhgly enjoys his quality time spent with a happy and calm mummy, plus he enjoys using the techniques on Mummy! Score!'

Claire Beatson, Client

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