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Welcome to SJ Therapies, where you can experience the transformative power of re-alignment, balance, and embodiment for your mind, body, and spirit. Sam offers a unique blend of Bespoke Holistic Therapies, including a variety of modalities such as Massage, Hypnotherapy, and Somatic Life Coaching. Discover a personalized approach to wellness and unlock your inner potential for self-healing and growth.


Holistic Wellness at SJ Therapies - Mind. Body. Spirit

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Unlock your inner potential and create lasting change through the power of hypnotherapy.


Body Massage

Experience ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with our soothing body massages.

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Somatic Life Coaching

Re-discover your true self, ignite your passion, and create a life of purpose through somatic life coaching."

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Tired of feeling overwhelmed and burnt out?

You're not alone. Trying to navigate these emotions on your own can be frustrating and draining. But here at SJ Therapies, I understand how you feel, and I'm here to help.

Imagine a life where you hold the key to releasing and managing anxiety, stress, overwhelm, and burnout. With our personalized Somatic tools and techniques, tailored specifically to your unique needs, you can reclaim control over your well-being

Don't let these overwhelming feelings continue to control your life. It's time to take the first step towards healing and rediscover a life of balance and fulfillment. Let me guide you on this transformative path today.


My name is Samantha Jane

I'm a fully Certified & Accredited Holistic Health Practitioner based in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland. With a focus on self-worth, anxiety management, and integrating the feminine and masculine energies, I empower individuals to succeed in both love and business. Let me guide you towards becoming the best version of yourself and living a fulfilling life, fully realized.

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'Looking for transformation in your life? Look no further, Sam's your girl!!! I came to Sam for Life Coaching but I received so much more than I expected. Her calm and positive demeanour gave me a safe space to share, to laugh, to cry all while healing. Sam is an expert at listening but her true gifts lie in her ability to really dig deep through her questions. She challenged my thought process to allow my mind to expand and create new pathways and ideas I know I couldn't have gotten to on my own. We worked through my lack of confidence issues and where that stems from but more importantly she gave me the tools I needed to begin improving my confidence in myself outside of our sessions. Her integration of mind body techniques is a true treasure and I could not recommend her more!'

Meghan Bishton

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