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The Power of Connection




12 Week 1:1 Coaching Programme

It is both my passion and pleasure to share with you alternative, complementary therapies to promote inner healing by restoring balance and harmony to your mind and body.

Observing how our new world is changing at a pace, a pace much faster than evolution of the human body can cope with, it is essential, now more than ever that we learn how to use natural materials and methods, along with massage techniques, thousands of years old to support our bodies. 

Physical connection is vital for optimal health and survival.

I help coach busy, overwhelmed women, singles, couples and families to relax, balance and revive themselves. Alleviating both internal and external stresses, returning you back to your natural equilibrium, to protect you from stress which can cause illness.

I created The Power of Connection - A unique somatic blended 12 Week Coaching Programme to help you release stress, trauma and anxiety so you can move forward and thrive in life, relationships and health. 


It is designed to teach you how to use both mindset & physical therapy tools and techniques together. Our mind and body is connected and therefore how we heal ourselves must have a holistic approach for it to be effective. 



The power of real onnection both on a physical and emotional level truly does increase feelings of security and self-confidence. This enables us to maintain healthy boundaries, respect for ourselves and others and to truly thrive in life in many areas. I believe passionately that this starts at home with our familial relationships. 

How we show up and respond to others and ourselves models future generations. 

My programme is 1 to 1 and personalised to your current situation and needs. Whether you are married, divorced, co-parenting (I've done all of those things too), want to help support your children with their needs or you really have had enough as an individual and are ready to dig deep so you can thrive in the way you want to, my programme is for you. It's unique in its blend of both physical, emotional and mindset tools & skills because we all know, our mind-body connection cannot be treated as separate components. 

How your body is responding physically and mentally is the key to true transformation.


Common areas I am often asked to support with are: 

Couples Relationship & Intimacy Concerns

Life/Business Coaching - (Overcoming fears, setting clear boundaries, self-confidence and achieving goals)


Depression and Anxiety 

Healing from Trauma

Parent and Child Relationships, Behaviour or Routines

Over the 12 Weeks together, some of the areas we will discover together and help you break through will be:



Behaviours, habits, routines

Internal stories and beliefs

Mental Exhaustion - The Loop

Repeated Triggers

Stored Trauma

Moving Forward

You will learn variety of physical tools to support this deep inner work, including, but not limited to:

Emotional Freedom Technique




Grounding Techniques

Massage and more. 

Each programme is designed around every individual client. The tools that I support you with are based on your current needs. 

During the 12 weeks, you not only have my 1 to 1 support during our weekly online Coaching Calls, but I will support you through direct communication when needed between sessions. Accountability is also key to achieving the transformation that you desire for your life. 


A little about my personal story...

As an educator for over 12 years, I finally experienced my own breakdown moment back in 2016 after experiencing a lot of trauma & grief. Trust me when I say I have been there and then some! 

For me personally, I found myself in an emotionally toxic battle with my son's father during my pregnancy, whilst at the same time, finding out my own mother was suddenly terminal with Cancer at 8 months pregnant.


Was she going to even meet her first Grandson? She did manage to hold on and finally she past when Thomas was 2 months old.


I was then slammed with a family court battle weeks later which then lasted the next 2 years. To add insult to injury, I found myself bullied out of my classroom teaching job due to a change of Leadership whilst I was on Maternity Leave (I fought my corner...obviously...my mum might not be here, but that teacher chose the wrong redhead to mess with! My mum's spirit lives on!)

I genuinely felt so sad of the lack of compassion around me at the time, it sent me plummeting into a dark whole of post-natal depression, where I hid away from everyone and comfort ate my way through it! 

But, during this dark place I reconnected with myself, my feelings, my passions, my love for alternative therapies and my love for teaching. But rather than teach in what had become a toxic career, I decided to help families directly & privately with my own skills. I started private tuition (English, Maths and Piano) at home which allowed me to continue doing what I do best, whilst raising Thomas as a single parent. 

It was the best thing that ever happened to us! 

It's on those quiet, dark and late night moments, when you truly feel totally and utterly lost, especially without my mum to talk to, you find yourself. It's a bit like a Simba moment in the Lion King! I will always love Disney! 

I share this with you here so you understand and know that if this resonates with you, if you're feeling or experiencing similar feelings, anxiety, trauma and compounded stress that is effecting your Health and Wellbeing, I found a way and you can too.

It is now my absolute passion to help, guide and show you the exact skills and tools I used for myself and my son. We are both now thriving together at life. 

He is currently now just about to turn 5 years old. I gave myself a goal. I wanted to have re-qualified and re-established my Therapy Business by the time he started school and here I am! Even with a lockdown! 

Once you find yourself, nothing can throw you back into that place because you already know, love and trust yourself enough. With the tools to support you, no matter what comes your way, you realise you will always be OK. 

I did not do this on my own.


I had help.


I invested into myself with fantastic Coaches. 

I won't forget the day I was sitting in the GP office, being offered anti-depressants and being told, 'Sorry, what we offer with CBT (Cognitive behaviour therapy), won't actually help you with all you've been through. You'd be best to find private therapy support. 

That's exactly what I did! Again, the best move and advice I was given during the whole process. 

In order to turn it back around, the one thing I had to do for myself and for my son was to truly connect to myself. 

I had to figure out why I was feeling the way I was feeling;


why I was responding the way I was to others;


why my body was experiencing the headaches, fatigue, weight gain, the endless loophole rotation of continual non-stop racing thoughts;


I had to figure out my feelings and then through new habits, routines and skills, use everything I had learnt for us both as parent and child. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed helping multiple families since. 

So, if this is you, if this is where you're at, let's have a chat.


Self investment is a decision...


It's dropping excuses like a hot stone...


It's putting yourself first so you can show up the way you want to in life.

I only work with a select few at a time because we go deep together but I also don't work with anybody.


You need to want to do the work.


You will have finally hit the wall and decided enough is enough.


100% Commitment to the work we do together and the work you do yourself between sessions truly will change your life. But only if you're truly ready. 

To read clients testimonials, see more here.

Book your free 30 min clarity call today and we will discover where you're at and what you need together 1:1. 

Much love, 

Samantha Jane x 

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