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Trauma-Informed Somatic Life Coach, Hypnotherapist & Massage Therapist

Powerful Woman Aligned

Heal From STRESS, TRAUMA & ANXIETY so you can THRIVE in CONFIDENCE, having the life and relationships you want. 

Your personalised 1:1
Somatic Healing Programme

90 Days

What exactly does "Powerful Woman Aligned," your 1:1 Healing Journey, do for you?

"Powerful Woman Aligned" begins with you understanding why your MIND and BODY has been trapped, keeping you STUCK and repeating the same patterns, habits and behaviours.

Here are the KEY Benefits to taking this journey of self-discovery...


GAIN Complete SELF AWARENESS and total CLARITY on who you are, what you want and what you deserve unapologetically. 

Learn SOMATIC Mind & Body shifting tools to break past habits, behaviours & beliefs that have been holding you back and UNBLOCK your EMOTIONAL OBSTACLES.

Re-Connect back to the CONFIDENCE you were born with. Grow an unwavering amount of LOVE for yourself so you stand in complete WORTH, connected to your true values and beliefs. 

DETACH from toxic behaviour and learn how to PROTECT YOUR ENERGY, setting strong boundaries so you know HOW to protect yourself. 

TRUST YOURSELF COMPLETELY - Holding yourself accountable to achieving goals that make you feel motivated and passionate and HOW to do this so you never question yourself. It starts by knowing you can show up for yourself. 

MASTER Somatic Tools and embed them successfully into your daily ritual routines so you can release stress, anxiety and negative emotions safely. 

GET YOUR VOICE BACK - This one is HUGE! Being able to speak up and learn HOW to ask for what you want and need and GET IT

Applying everything you learn for yourself, you will ATTRACT into your life exactly what you want and DESERVE.




My unique blend of Somatic Healing modalities:

Positive Psychology Coaching

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Clinical Hypnotherapy*


Sound Therapy

Trauma Release

The 5 Senses



 Tui Na Acupressure



Sessions, personalised to your presenting needs.


All to help restore calm, balance and safety back to your nervous system, to help you physically SHIFT Trauma and reconnect your logical and emotional minds. 




 Life Goals



Business Goals

*Clinical Hypnotherapy - in training, qualifying Dec 2022. Always improving my services to best help my clients and sometimes, we need a little extra help to reach those places within our subconscious.  




What Clients say...

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Client: Laura Bruce

I had a video call with Sam after taking part in her 12 Days of You Christmas challenge. I have found the whole experience of work with Sam so healing. I am really interested in understanding & Learning more about how we hold & can release emotion in our bodies & this drew me to the challenge. Each of the calm & easy-to-follow session in the 12 Days of You gave me another tool to experience & I have brought these into my daily life with my sense of their value to my wellbeing growing daily. I was then thrilled to have the video call with Sam. Although I have made huge progress in personal growth over 2021, I have been feeling a bit stuck & unsure of my next steps & speaking about this with Sam felt like being heard in a compassionate & held space. I really valued the feeling of co-creation we spoke. Sam listened, observed; she shared some personal experience as it resonated with my current pause & asked such pertinent questions that, during & after the call, I felt that the soil of my emotional landscape had been gently sifted with the tender stems of my growth held safe as new seeds were planted. I felt wonderfully calm during & after our video call & found that the space of acceptance allowed new ideas to blossom within me within hours. Sam helped me to notice the ways that old childhood wounds were impacting on me & affecting my physical wellbeing in the present & gently drew out the connection to the self-judgement that been one of the threads of what has been holding me back. After our call I feel so much more clarity & inspiration & I am ready for my next steps. I so recommend the gentle healing energy of lovely Samantha Jane. 

Are you ready to become a Powerful Woman Aligned?

You are never too old to have your hand held and if you're READY to fully align to yourself will TRANSFORM your life and EVERYONE around you.

This is NOT for you if you don't believe in investing time and commitment to your personal growth and if you're comfortable with making excuses. When our excuses eat us alive inside, you will know you're ready for REAL CHANGE. 

If you are 100% saying YES to finally putting yourself first for real, lasting, transformative change, book your call with me today to discuss your next steps and which path and service I offer is best for your circumstances and success goals. 

By your side, every step of the way.


Sam x

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