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Samantha Jane Rix
BEd Hons, MAR, AC, O.A Dip

Certified & Accredited Physical Therapist & Jay Shetty Somatic Life Coach

Fully Insured. AOR. CNHC. CTAA.

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Powerful Woman Aligned

Heal From STRESS, TRAUMA & ANXIETY so you can THRIVE in CONFIDENCE, having the life and relationships you want. 

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If you've got this far, we've most likely connected on social media. Perhaps you've been quietly observing me for a while and you're interested to find out more about me, how to work with me and exactly what I do. 

Firstly, thank you for coming this far. Are you feeling stuck in your life?


Perhaps things haven't quite turned out the way you wanted them to for you yet. Maybe you've experienced some deep emotional trauma, holding you back from being the person you want to be and feeling the way you want to feel about yourself? 

Let me tell you that if you're in this place, feeling lonely, anxious, pain, unsure who you are anymore, whether it's completely personal or professional, most if not all Somatic Healers get here because of their own suffering. 

I hear you. I see you. I understand you. 

6 Years ago, I had just turned 30, I had come back from travelling around Asia and I felt I had it all figured out! 

I had healed, or so I thought from a Divorce, shaken it off on my travels and I had a great career as a teacher. 

Then LIFE happened. Real life. The painful kind of life. 

The kind of life that turns you upside down, makes you question everything, everyone and you feel nothing but lost. 

This woman below was highly stressed, diagnosed with postnatal depression, suffering emotional abuse, sudden grief from losing her mother shortly after giving birth, family court, harassment and workplace bullying. 

Fighting her way through it all, whilst coping with the fear of finding herself as a single mum without her own for support. 

She was still smiling, but hiding away from everyone. Most nights surviving on Pizza because she had no energy for self-care after the hundreds of emails she had dealt with during the day. 

This photo was taken during one of days out together. I remember it well. I forced myself to leave my house and try and enjoy being a mum. I was there. I was physically present, but inside I felt nothing but a deep numbness. 

Samantha Jane Photo

This woman below made it through it all.


She stood her ground, won her cases in court for both of them, found her boundaries and now rests in complete peace, contentment and balance.


Peace in the knowing that she is strong and worthy.


She felt, healed and then dealt.


She now puts herself first.


She lost friends.


She realised they weren't friends.


She now surrounds herself with beautiful, positive people and she has designed a life that works for her and her son.

Samantha Jane Photo

I am proud of both! 

How did I get here? 

How did I get to helping women just like me? 

Our pain shows us corners of our hearts that remain unhealed from stored Trauma that lays within our cells. 

Memorised and triggered - keeping us REACTIVE. 

I felt angry at the time during my diagnosis of Post-natal depression. The only answer from my GP was anti-depressants with an 8+ week waiting list for a counselling session. Of which, the GP felt that CBT wouldn't even touch the sides of my experiences, so he suggested Private Therapy. 

I remember at that moment, in the carpark waiting outside the pharmacy for my new 'prescription,' and I just felt so...


But I had spent a few years living in Asia and remembered how much I LOVED Massages and Reflexology. How much I had learnt about my body through my feet and how badly I just wanted someone to rub it all out of me. 

So instead of taking the pills (never decide to do this without GP advise as sometimes they are necessary), I hired two therapists. 

One sports massage therapist and one Reflexologist. Both of whom completely understood when I came to them and I said, 'rub it out of me!' The sadness, the pain, the grief. 

Two of the kindest souls I had met during that dark time. Souls that also listened if I spent time during treatments just letting it out. 

So I decided to leave my career, which felt like a toxic playground, where I didn't actually feel I was allowed to be the great teacher I am and I absorbed myself with Complementary Therapies. 

A new passion that just lit me up inside. 

A feeling I hadn't felt for years! 

And I realised through my own pain and struggle, that our path does appear before us when we are ready to face ourselves. 

When we stop living on auto-pilot and learn how to become conscious of ourselves in the moment, both mentally and physical. 

SOMATIC HEALING is the beautiful combination of both mind and body connective tools. 

See, talking or positive mindset tasks isn't enough. 

Our body truly holds everything and our unhealthy symptoms are the result of TRAUMA and STRESS. 




What exactly does "Powerful Woman Aligned," your 1:1 Healing Journey, do for you?

"Powerful Woman Aligned" begins with you understanding why your MIND and BODY has been trapped, keeping you STUCK and repeating the same patterns, habits and behaviours.

Here are the KEY Benefits to taking this journey of self-discovery...


GAIN Complete SELF AWARENESS and total CLARITY on who you are, what you want and what you deserve unapologetically. 

Learn SOMATIC Mind & Body shifting tools to break past habits, behaviours & beliefs that have been holding you back and UNBLOCK your EMOTIONAL OBSTACLES.

Re-Connect back to the CONFIDENCE you were born with. Grow an unwavering amount of LOVE for yourself so you stand in complete WORTH, connected to your true values and beliefs. 

DETACH from toxic behaviour and learn how to PROTECT YOUR ENERGY, setting strong boundaries so you know HOW to protect yourself. 

TRUST YOURSELF COMPLETELY - Holding yourself accountable to achieving goals that make you feel motivated and passionate and HOW to do this so you never question yourself. It starts by knowing you can show up for yourself. 

MASTER Somatic Tools and embed them successfully into your daily ritual routines so you can release stress, anxiety and negative emotions safely. 

GET YOUR VOICE BACK - This one is HUGE! Being able to speak up and learn HOW to ask for what you want and need and GET IT

Applying everything you learn for yourself, you will ATTRACT into your life exactly what you want and DESERVE. ​

Coaching Packages

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1:1 Introduction

FREE 30 min 'taster session' to book:

Weekly Life Coaching
3 Sessions up to 75mins

Personal Investment £330


4 Months 1:1

Weekly Life Coaching
12  Sessions up to 75mins
Reflective Growth Time
Somatic Healing Tools
Support between Sessions

One FREE Connection Hour

Personal Investment £1,975*

(x4 Monthly Payment Plan Available)



1 Year 1:1

Weekly Life Coaching
39  Sessions up to 75mins
Reflective Growth Time
Somatic Healing Tools
Support between Sessions
One FREE Connection Hour

Personal Investment £5,925*

(x12 Monthly Payment Plan Available)

Are you ready to become a Powerful Woman Aligned?

You are never too old to have your hand held and a Woman ready to fully align to herself will transform her life and everyone around her.

If you are 100% saying YES to finally putting yourself first for real, lasting, transformative change, book your call with me to discuss your next steps and which path is best for you working together. 

By your side, every step of the way.


Sam x

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