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BREAK FREE from the repetitive cycle of ANXIETY, OVERWHELM & BURNOUT. 

ATTRACT the LOVE & SUCCESS you truly deserve in your RELATIONSHIPS & BUSINESS, without compromising your SELF in the process.

A truly 
Somatic process using my proven Polarity 8 Method

Exclusive, Personalised Coaching Programme

Your Somatic Healing Journey

Your personalised, SOMATIC HEALING & RECOVERY journey, begins with you understanding why your MIND and BODY has been trapped, keeping you STUCK, repeating the same patterns, habits and behaviours for YEARS!!


Enough is enough!

You deserve better; You deserve to believe you deserve better!

Don't waste another 5 years, excusing your needs, putting yourself last, accepting abuse & neglect, telling yourself you can figure it out on your own. 

Has it worked this way so far? 

Do you have what you want?

The KEY Benefits to taking this journey of self-discovery NOW...


GAIN complete SELF AWARENESS and total CLARITY on who you are, what you want and what you deserve unapologetically. 

Learn SOMATIC Mind & Body shifting tools to break past habits, behaviours & beliefs that have been holding you back and UNBLOCK your EMOTIONAL OBSTACLES. With FAST RESULTS saving thousands on 'retail therapy.' How much has feeling the way you do already cost you financially and health-wise? 

Re-Connect back to the CONFIDENCE you were born with. Grow an unwavering amount of LOVE for yourself, so you stand in complete WORTH, connected to your true values and beliefs. 

DETACH from toxic behaviour and learn how to PROTECT YOUR ENERGY, setting strong boundaries so you know HOW to protect yourself. 

TRUST YOURSELF COMPLETELY - Holding yourself accountable to achieving goals that make you feel motivated and passionate and HOW to do this, so you never question yourself. It starts by knowing you can show up for yourself. 

MASTER Somatic Tools and embed them successfully into your daily ritual routines so you can RELEASE STRESS, ANXIETY & NEGATIVE EMOTIONS safely & long term, beyond our time together. 

GET YOUR VOICE BACK - This one is HUGE! Being able to speak up and learn HOW to ask for what you want and need and GET IT! 

Applying everything you learn for yourself, you will ATTRACT into your life exactly what you want and DESERVE. Whether that's a new love life, happier, healthier & safer relationships, or starting up your own dream business! I'm all in with you and your desires...are you?

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UK Life Coach, Client Testimonial, Perthshire, Scotland

'Looking for transformation in your life? Look no further, Sam's your girl!!! I came to Sam for Life Coaching but I received so much more than I expected. Her calm and positive demeanour gave me a safe space to share, to laugh, to cry all while healing. Sam is an expert at listening but her true gifts lie in her ability to really dig deep through her questions. She challenged my thought process to allow my mind to expand and create new pathways and ideas I know I couldn't have gotten to on my own. We worked through my lack of confidence issues and where that stems from but more importantly she gave me the tools I needed to begin improving my confidence in myself outside of our sessions. Her integration of mind body techniques is a true treasure and I could not recommend her more!'

Are you ready break free from anxiety, overwhelm and burnout & start living the life you truly deserve?

My unique blend of Somatic Mind & Body modalities can help you achieve just that.

Through Life and Relationship Coaching, Integrative Hypnotherapy with CBT & NLP, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Senses Regulation, Reframing, Vagal Toning and Breathwork, I'll help you restore regulation and calm, balance and safety back to your nervous system. 

My areas of speciality include anxiety, self-esteem, boundaries, confidence, love and business aspirations, self-control, habits and fears.

No matter what you're struggling with, I'm here to help you overcome your challenges and create a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.


Don't waste another day feeling stuck and unfulfilled.

Apply today and let's get your healing journey started.​

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Are you tired of feeling stuck, lost and alone in your journey of self-discovery and transformation? Do you long for a sense of purpose, love and belonging? Are you afraid that you're running out of time? 

BecomingYOU is designed with this in mind and you can make the changes you want to make fast.

Whether you find yourself in a difficult life/career transition, want to find the love you deserve or dream of starting your own business, this is the programme for you. 

Imagine disarming the toxicity that has been holding you back and releasing the stored trauma that weighs you down. Imagine thriving in confidence and self-worth, and living your best life.

Imagine feeling truly alive and fulfilled with a sense of purpose and belonging.

We heal every part that remains stuck in the shadows, with a specifically proven process, that not only gets you achieving results, but continually so. For the long term, truly transforming not just yourself, but every relationship you have. Partners, children, friends, family members, co-workers.

True, generational healing.

A ripple effect that continues serving you for the rest of your life. 

After years of crafting this specific process involving cognitive, behavioural, emotional and physical healing, I'm delighted to offer you an invitation to work together.  

Don't let another day go by feeling lost and alone. We aren't meant to do this uplevelling without support. Take the first step and book your call today. Together, we'll rediscover the love and joy that has been waiting for you all along. 


A fully hybrid experience - Full programme access to work through at your own pace with:

  • BONUS 1: Weekly Deep Dive Calls so you feel seen, heard & understood whilst you unfold the layers.

  • BONUS 2: A surprise GIFT to support your new Somatic Rituals.

  • BONUS 3: 3 Part Self-Hypnosis Series so you can reprogramme your beliefs, learning how to do it for yourself at home when you need to.

  • BONUS 4: FULL Access to INNER CIRCLE for 6 months for Accountability and an exclusive Community & Network, so you stay motivated & connect with other like-minded Women.

  • BONUS 5: BecomingYOU Membership for 3 months afterwards, including access to SELF MASTERY for monthly 1:1 calls for long term results and support.

BecomingYOU (2).png

I have had the pleasure of receiving support from Sam via VIP Lounge, Inner Circle & most recently through hypnotherapy & I have found her to be deeply knowledgeable & compassionate.
Sam is innovative, intuitive & proactive in all the different types of support she offers. I chose to work with Sam because I was interested in Somatic therapy & I have loved learning how to heal through her guidance.
I particularly value that Sam is able to offer support at the pace & to the depth that I want to explore & that she is comfortable, confident & fluent & able to offer a safe space guiding me to open up deeper self-understanding.
In my most recent hypnotherapy treatments I have so valued ways that Sam explores detail & is confident with innovating so that she can offer the most targeted & purposeful support.
I always feel that Sam has my highest development held firmly in mind & I have grown in all aspects of my personal development alongside her gentle guidance. Thanks Sam, one in a million!




6 Week Group Programme LIVE

Usually £1111

Early bird £889*

Closed - Re-opens again Autumn 2023.
Email directly to apply interest for Early Bird OFFER
Limited spaces.



Exclusive Signature Healing Programme, bespoke to your needs.

Investment £3500


Are you ready?

Are you ready to ignite your inner feminine power and start living the life you truly desrve? If you're ready to break free from limiting patterns and boundaries and truly attract what you desire, this journey is for you. 

I know first-hand how powerful this shift can be. I've seen it spark transformation in myself and in the many women I've supported, leading to career changes, new businesses started, increased wealth and success in Love. 


BecomingYOU is unlike any other. With a unique blend of Somatic mind and body modalities, we'll help you transform every aspect of your life, from your relationships and career purpose to your health and wealth because it all starts with YOU.


But, this journey isn't for everyone. If you're not ready to commit and make your dreams a reality, then this isn't the time for you.  

If you're say YES with no doubts or excuses, then I'm excited for you!

Click the button below to book a chat with me and let's get started on your life-changing journey. Fill out the short form with as much detail as possible so we can truly dive deep on our first call together. 


Let's take this to the next level! Let your unfolding commence! 


Sam x

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