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We have one mission:

To help Nurture & Align your Journey to Success with holistic empowerment, creating a ripple effect of change in life, love & business.

Who we are & How can we help you?

Hello lovely, we're so delighted that you're here. This is the home of EmpowerHERpreneur, the community that helps nurture & align your journey to success with heart-led, holistic empowerment. Transform your mind, body & spirit, creating a ripple effect of change in your life.


Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, stuck in negative patterns, or exhausted from lack of self-belief and burnout?


EmpowerHERpreneur is the place to help you become your own best healer and the entrepreneur you want to be. We believe that powering on through gets us nowhere, whereas the power within you opens up everything. Our key values: Empowerment, Alignment, Purpose & Connection. 

Unlock Your Potential:

  • Overcome anxiety, overwhelm, and burnout

  • Re-discover self-love and your soul's purpose

  • Transform behaviours, habits, and beliefs

  • Cultivate positive change in your life with your relationships, wealth, and personal growth: Long-term, lasting transformation. 

A community with a difference...

A truly heart-led, holistic approachWhere your coach, Sam, is LIVE by your side!


Not another content library, or place where you never get to reach Sam or deeply foster & connect new friendships. We are along for the ride with you. 


Be the first to know when EmpowerHERpreneur Opens again - Join the waitlist!

EmpowerHERpreneur: Nurture & Align your Journey to Success

Doors to the membership are currently closed but join the waitlist and you’ll be the first to know when enrolment opens again!

Discover the 3 Ways we can help you


Join our EmpowerHERpreneur Tribe

Empowerherpreneur Tribe.png

As a tribe member, you'll reclaim your confidence, self-discovery, healing & empowerment together with other beautiful Women by your side whilst you grow, shift & expand into your truest, highest self.


Enjoy full access to our Community, as well as access to:

  • Intimate Group Calls for personalised coaching, support & accountability.

  • Includes all events & masterclasses for 12 months.

  • Challenges for empowerment & motivation.

  • Somatic Healing tools to practise at home & share beyond.

  • Direct feedback from Sam on your progress & my eyes on your business.

  • Exclusive offers, Guest Experts and more.

12 Month Coaching Membership

Annual Offer: £997 one-time payment. £2.73 per day, less than a tea! 

Receive an exclusive early bird discount when you join the waitlist. 

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Profoundly healing

"I have loved the support I have received. Sam is an amazing Coach. The warmth & shared growth together has been profoundly healing. I have stepped out of the shadows of imposter syndrome & the camaraderie has supported me all the way." Laura, London
110907729_1027892074275670_5554973685878850622_n (1).jpg

Absolutely Amazing

"Sam is absolutely amazing! Recently did her circle of 8 training, was so good! She is really great in drawing you out and giving you the tools to move forward. Great person to work with and very knowledgeable in her field of expertise, would highly recommend Sam." Jacque, France
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Sam has been invaluable in guiding me through my journey, providing endless resources which have benefitted not only my home life, but my business too. If you're tired of just feeling a bit shit all the time, lacking direction and want to get over stuff already, Sam will help you find your passion, unveil your awesomeness and be your compass. Aileen, Scotland


Apply for Becoming YOU

If you desire a more intimate 1:1 experience with Sam, to deep dive and peel back the layers because you wish to attract the LOVE & SUCCESS you truly deserve in your RELATIONSHIPS & BUSINESS, without compromising your SELF in the process, then find out more and apply here. 

Becoming YOU.png


becoming you book.png

Book: Becoming YOU

Begin your transformative journey with 'Becoming YOU,' the empowering guide that will illuminate your path to healing, confidence, and self-discovery. This book is your trusted companion on the road to unlocking your true potential, setting empowering boundaries, and embracing unshakeable self-worth. Dive into its pages, and let it be the catalyst for your remarkable transformation. Start your journey to becoming the empowered, radiant YOU by registering your interest today. Released date December 2023. 

sjtherapies profile.jpg

I'm Samantha Jane

Founder of EmpowerHERpreneur, Healing & Empowerment Coach for Women & Author or Becoming YOU, which I'm so proud to say is being released this December 2023: A journey of self-discovery & healing - a companion to support you with yours.


I've been on this wild rollercoaster ride we call life and experienced a period of time that had one devastating event after another, leaving my mind, body & spirit completely lost. Through my own Somatic Healing journey, I both learnt and found ways to rise back up, left a career, transitioned completely into the field of Holistic therapy, got through divorce, two deeply sad a sudden deaths, single-motherhood and now live happily with a new business, a new man and our wee family that is growing, even as I approach 40!


It's never too late to wake up one day and think Fu#& it...and start a new path! It is now our mission here to help you do the same! Are you ready for it lovely? If so, come and join us. Together we can do & achieve anything! Sam x


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