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~ Samantha Jane ~

Trauma-Informed Somatic Life Coach, Hypnotherapist & Holistic Massage Therapist

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Disarm Toxicity
Release Stored Trauma

Stress & Anxiety

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SOMATIC Mind-body healing so you thrive in Life & Relationships on a deep cellular level.

Welcome to SJ Therapies

Fully certified & accredited Trauma-Informed Somatic Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Holistic Massage Therapist. 

I specialise in helping you to release and heal from Trauma, Stress and Anxiety, so you can move forward and thrive in life, relationships and health

Our body stores and remembers trauma. Our cells memorise fears and patterns but can't tell the difference between a 'real' threat or not. 

We are often triggered and a lot of the anxiety, depression, sadness, anger, fear, guilt or grief that we feel, not only loops and circulates causing havoc with our mindset and confidence, but our body physically stores it and it shows up as physical symptoms. 

My coaching and therapy approach is unique in its SOMATIC multi-modality combination of both mind & body healing, giving you a variety of  skills to help you release, recover and finally move forward. Tools you can use for a lifetime & pass on to loved ones. The ripple effect of your own Somatic Healing & Recovery on others around you is true generational & transformative change. 

What I do...


Somatic Healing

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Holistic Massage Therapies

Aberfeldy, Scotland



The Somatic Circle

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Client Testimonials

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Daisy Sutton Green

If you decide that you want to invest in yourself, Sam is 100% the person to go to. Working with her regularly has changed my life, literally. In a short space of time she has taught me the skills I need to be able to reflect effectively, take control of situations, build my confidence, plan and reach goals and many techniques to sooth, cope and reach my full potential. I would recommend her to anybody- no matter what you want to work on or develop. She teaches you to question your thinking and understand how your body and emotions are connected. After sessions with her you will feel like a different person and approach all aspects of your life differently. I am definitely a more positive person now and I have the skills to continue to grow. Sam is calm, soothing, understanding, non-judgmental, explains things very clearly, and challenges you in all the right ways. Her listening skills are unbelievable and the knowledge she has about wellbeing is admirable. I cannot recommend her enough. If you're someone who is thinking about investing in yourself, just do it! Your life could be completely changed like mine! Thank you Sam, you're amazing!


'I am so grateful for the coaching with Sam. I am in the middle of a big professional project which requires a huge level of commitment and work, and I was feeling tired and a little bit afraid by the size of my own goal. She has created a very safe emotional space that allows me to express myself freely and dive deeper into my feelings. She gently guides me to find my answers and to put in place the actions and baby steps that were needed to build a more resilient lifestyle, to find some tools to soothe my overwhelmed feelings and continue to move forward. I have always felt listened to and genuinely supported to go deeper. Thanks to my work with her I have found more balance between different areas in my life and I am more equipped to face the challenge that my project brings me every day.'


'Looking for transformation in your life? Look no further, Sam's your girl!!! I came to Sam for Life Coaching but I received so much more than I expected. Her calm and positive demeanour gave me a safe space to share, to laugh, to cry all while healing. Sam is an expert at listening but her true gifts lie in her ability to really dig deep through her questions. She challenged my thought process to allow my mind to expand and create new pathways and ideas I know I couldn't have gotten to on my own. We worked through my lack of confidence issues and where that stems from but more importantly she gave me the tools I needed to begin improving my confidence in myself outside of our sessions. Her integration of mind body techniques is a true treasure and I could not recommend her more!'