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Integrative Hypnotherapy

An integrative, holistic approach utilising Hypnotherapy with advanced CBT & NLP to help you make the changes you want FAST.

In person & online.

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What is Integrative Hypnotherapy?

At SJ Therapies, we believe that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Through our collaborative partnership, we use applied therapeutic techniques to guide you into a relaxed, self-hypnotic state. This process enables you to tap into your inner potential and make powerful changes to overcome limiting beliefs and unwanted behaviors that may be hindering your progress in life.

Our expertise spans a range of areas, including stress, anxiety, fears, trauma, pain management, smoking cessation, weight control, confidence, self-esteem, performance, and creativity. Our advanced integrative approach uses the best tools from Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming together, so you become equipped with the tools you need to support yourself continually at home. 

Whether you prefer online sessions or face-to-face meetings in Aberfeldy, we offer flexible options to suit your needs.


Embark on a transformative journey today, unlocking your true potential through the profound benefits of hypnotherapy.

See our frequently asked questions below for more details. 

What clients say...

I have had the pleasure of receiving support from Sam via VIP Lounge, Inner Circle & most recently through hypnotherapy & I have found her to be deeply knowledgeable, compassionate, innovative, intuitive & proactive in all the different types of support she offers. I have loved learning how to heal through her guidance.
In my most recent hypnotherapy treatments I have so valued ways that Sam explores detail & is confident with innovating so that she can offer the most targeted & purposeful support. I always feel that Sam has my highest development held firmly in mind & I have grown in all aspects of my personal development alongside her gentle guidance. Thanks Sam, one in a million!

~Laura B~

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