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Holistic Massage Therapies
Aberfeldy, Pitlochry, Perthshire

Reflexology Massage Perthshire, Aberfeldy, Scotland

Clinical Reflexology Massage

(Foot, Hand or Facial)

Restore Harmony, Calm & Balance

Promoting deep relaxation, calm and balance to your nervous system, alleviating stress & tension with this ancient pressure point, reflex therapy. Personalised to your needs and presenting symptoms. 

Key health benefits may support: Headaches, Migraines, Anxiety, Stress, Sinuses, Mood, Pain, PMS, Menopause, Insomnia, Energy, Clarity, Poor Circulation, Kidney Function and Immune System.

Deep Tissue Massage, Perthshire, Scotland

Tui Na Acupressure Tension Release Massage

Release stored tension, Regain Energetic Flow

This specific, Eastern inspired pressure point therapy promotes improved circulatory flow & feelings of increased energy whilst unblocking tension. Blended with Holistic Massage for deep relaxation & warmth. Personalised to your needs and presenting symptoms. 

Key health benefits may support: Mood, Pain, Headaches, Migraines, Anxiety, Stress, Sinuses, Carpel Tunnel, Blood Pressure, Flexibility, Poor Circulation, Lymph Flow and Immune System.

Swedish Massage, SJTherapies, Perthshire

Swedish Massage Therapy

Complete Relaxation & Stress Release

This traditional Swedish Massage is a very slow and relaxing massage! It increases new blood & oxygen to restore and repair tired muscles through soothing effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, friction & vibration movements.  By gently manipulating soft tissue, we increase natural flow, energy, warmth and release for a totally blissful full body workout. Without having to move!


Personalised to your needs and presenting symptoms. 

Key health benefits may support: Overall Mood & Wellness, Aches & Pains, Headaches, Sleep, Anxiety, Stress, Circulation, Flexibility, Energy & Lymphatic Flow.

Indian Head Massage, Perthshire, Scotland

Traditional Indian Head Massage

(Upper body; back, shoulders, neck, head and face)

Rejuvenating & Restorative

Using ancient, Eastern inspired techniques with specific acupoint therapy to restore clarity, leaving you feeling light & refreshed, whilst alleviating feelings of tension and stress.


Highly recommend adding this to Reflexology for a 90min combined deeply relaxing therapy for complete North & South balancing. 

Key health benefits may support: Eyestrain, insomnia, headaches & migraines, upper body muscle tension, hair & scalp, blood & lymph circulation, immunity, sinusitis, stress & anxiety.

Trauma Massage Therapy, Perthshire, Scotland

Neurotouch Massage:


Fully Clothed

Release Trauma & Repair Nervous System Regulation

Neurotouch Massage is a revolutionary, trauma-informed Mind and Bodywork approach which aims to release trauma in general and the nervous system in particular.

Focusing on three distinct movements involving Compression, Rocking & Stroking consistently, we can relax the impact on our nervous system significantly and immediately to allow it to reset and begin it's healing process to improving resilience. 

A combination of bodywork & neuroscience combined to help our body repair. 

Key health benefits may support: Feelings of mental, emotional, physical & energetic wellness, mood, nervous system regulation and trauma release.

Read More HERE

Hot Stone Massage, SJTherapies, Aberfeldy, Perthshire

Aromatic Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Relaxing, Warming & Healing

Using a combination of Aromatherapy with hot and pure Volcanic Basalt stones, melt away any feelings of stress & tension with this deeply warming, relaxing & healing full body massage. With specific Essential Oils chosen by you with specialised support, your personal blend will be made on site. 


Promoting reduced pain, improved circulation and lymphatic flow, allowing you to unwind with improved sleep and overall feelings of wellness. 

Specific area concentration focused to individual needs & presenting symptoms. 

Key health benefits may support: Stress, muscle tension, blood & lymph circulation, pain & inflammation, toxin release, metabolism, energy & overall mind, body & sprit wellness. 

Qualified to SQCF Level 8 in Clinical Reflexology & Swedish Massage together with the Complementary Therapy Diploma, accredited by Napier University. The UK's only University rated level in Therapies. You are in very good hands!

GIFT VOUCHERS: Can be purchased HERE or simply email me at 

What clients say...

Samantha is one of the very best massage therapists I've had the pleasure of seeing. She and a colleague came on site for a day to a house my group had rented near Aberfeldy, and together they managed to make 10 ladies very happy and relaxed indeed! We were so impressed with Sam's adaptability and skill; several of us were healing from recent injuries and many of us came with different preferences for our sessions. Not only was Sam a wonderful therapist, but she was an absolute pleasure to coordinate with as well. Thank you both for the simply lovely day!

~Amy Taub~

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