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3 Quick Tips to SHIFT Self-doubt today

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

How often do you hear yourself say these words?

'I know that but...'

'I've tried this but...'

'This won't work...'

Did you realise that your ego LOVES these words and the power of keeping them on loop keeps you EXACTLY where you are?

Your ego doesn't want you to STEP into the unknown, push yourself, fulfil your potential, overcome and take charge of yourself.

That's just too dangerous!

A recent client said these words on our coaching call together...

'Oh the power of the WHAT IFS!'

YESSSSS!! Exactly...

We can hear those what ifs in both negative and positive ways, but let's be honest here, it's mostly negative right?

I bet you could fill pages of what ifs!

How has this worked out for you?

Have you got the results you want in your life?

Isn't it about time that you take control of the steering wheel?

If you don't, you're allowing your sub-conscious mind to rule the show of your life!

We've all heard it...

Let's change and rewire your NEGATIVE BELIEFS...

Do you BELIEVE that you can?

If YES, you're ready...

So here are 3 ways to start SHIFTING SELF-DOUBT for yourself...


It's OK to hear them, write them down, and notice them. This does not mean you're giving negativity more attention. Your feelings need to be heard and acknowledged. But once we see them all written down in front of us, we move on and ask 'IS THIS TRUE?'

Figure out which worry is based on some kind of truth and which is just completely made up by fear.

Understanding the difference and seeing it in front of you, helps you to organise how your what ifs are showing up for you subconsciously.

Hear them.

Then burn them.

Honestly, there's nothing better than creating a fire burning ritual for yourself to physically mirror the act of letting go.

We hear this phrase a lot...just 'let it go!'

Our physical actions need to also mirror this act of letting go. So plan and fire burning ritual for yourself.


Secondly, we must spend time identifying our own weaknesses and strengths.

Do you even really know what these are?

Audit yourself -

What are your weaknesses?

What are you strengths?

Write them all down.

How do you feel about your weaknesses?

How do you feel about your strengths?

What do you notice?

Any uncomfortable feelings?

Usually, we can feel quite uncomfortable acknowledging our strengths because we are very used to talking negatively to ourselves.

Recognise this if it comes up for you and keep going. Push yourself beyond this feeling until you can sit with a list of your strengths and feel really proud of them!


Exactly this...once recognised, write your strengths into a list of beautiful, personal affirmations for yourself.

Write them out onto a card and keep them by a mirror and candle.

Every day, stand in front of the mirror, light the candle and speak your affirmations out loud to yourself.

Why the candle?

LOVE! Creating rituals not only helps you feel great, but you're reaffirming loving actions to yourself.

It doesn't take long. Drop the excuses. We can all find a few minutes to do this for ourselves.

You've got to believe and want the change, but it takes consistent daily commitment for yourself.

Remember, our negative believes have been crafted and reaffirmed for potentially 20+ years or more through self-repetition.

You owe yourself this time to finally break through them!

Are you ready to embark on your Somatic Healing Journey?

Here's how you can jump in and connect with me in a variety of ways. I look forward to meeting you.

Sam is a very kind, gentle soul, she was patient and calm, and made me realise what I was missing in my life! She made me question why I do things, took me back to my younger self and helped me to make changes that benefited me immensely!! Be prepared to go deep and let out your emotions! I usually find it very difficult to show my emotions, but I had uncontrollable tears streaming down my face! It's the most amazing journey you can go on, so if you are wanting to improve yourself in any way, Sam will be able to help you. I'm truly grateful for every second I spent with her, she is a powerful lady and has given me so many nuggets of information that I can use to move forward in my life! Invest in yourself. It will be the best money you ever spent if you have Sam as your therapy coach.~ Annie Lightfoot, 2022 ~

Always by your side whilst you rediscover yourself with love.

Samantha Jane x

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