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Embracing the Healing Response: Understanding the positive side effects of Complementary Therapy

Updated: Aug 12

In the realm of complementary therapy, it's not uncommon for clients to experience a range of sensations and reactions after treatments or sessions. While some may worry about these side effects, it's important to recognize that they often signify a positive healing response within the body. In this article, we will explore the concept of the healing response, shed light on why it occurs, and explain how it is actually a good sign of the body's healing process. By understanding this phenomenon, clients can feel more confident and empowered to embrace the transformative effects of complementary therapy. So, let's dive in and discover the beauty of the healing response.

Healing Response - Massage Perthshire

What is a Healing Response?

A healing response refers to the reactions or side effects that can occur after receiving a complementary therapy session. These responses vary from person to person and may include physical, emotional, or energetic shifts in the body. It is essential to understand that these responses are not necessarily negative but rather a natural part of the healing process.

Why Does the Healing Response Occur?

The healing response is a positive indication that the body is actively engaging in the healing process. During a complementary therapy session, the body's energy and natural balance are stimulated, prompting it to release toxins, tensions, and emotional blockages. As a result, various reactions may arise as the body readjusts and recalibrates itself.

Understanding the Positive Nature of the Healing Response:

It's crucial to reframe the way we perceive the healing response. Instead of viewing it as a negative outcome, we should embrace it as a testament to the body's innate healing capabilities. Here are a few reasons why the healing response is a positive sign:

a. Detoxification: Sometimes, the body may experience temporary discomfort or symptoms as it flushes out toxins that have accumulated over time. These side effects are indicative of the body's natural detoxification process, clearing the way for improved well-being.

b. Energy Flow: The healing response can be a result of improved energy flow and rebalancing within the body. As energy blocks are released and energy pathways open up, clients may feel shifts in their physical, emotional, or energetic states.

c. Releasing Emotional Patterns: Complementary therapies often work holistically, addressing not only physical symptoms but also emotional imbalances. The healing response may involve the release of deep-seated emotional patterns or memories, allowing for emotional healing and transformation.

d. Integration and Rejuvenation: The body is a complex and interconnected system. The healing response can indicate that different aspects of the body, such as muscles, organs, and systems, are integrating and harmonizing for optimal functioning. It is a sign of rejuvenation and alignment within the body.

How can I embrace the Healing Response?

To fully embrace the healing response, it's essential to communicate openly with your complementary therapist. Share your experiences, sensations, and emotions during and after sessions. This will help your therapist tailor the treatment approach to your specific needs and provide appropriate guidance and support. A highly certified and reputable therapist will provide you with contact information, be readily available to you as well as conduct thorough client consultations with you so they have a complete holistic picture of your current health and presenting conditions. They will also be fully registered to relevant associations, ensuring they operate to the highest standards in the UK, insured and display these clearly along with their qualifications on their website/promotional material. For example, I am fully registered with the Complementary National Healthcare Council CNHC, Complementary Therapists Association, Association for Reflexology AOR, General Hypnotherapy Council GHR and the Association for Coaching AC. It's also a great idea to read their reviews too. (Links take you safely to my official profiles).

Additionally, self-care practices can greatly enhance the healing process. Engage in activities that support your well-being, such as gentle movement, deep breathing exercises, mindfulness, nourishing meals, and ample rest. By nurturing yourself and honouring the healing response, you create an environment conducive to healing and transformation.

When must I contact my GP?

It's important to note, in rare situations, if you are ever concerned that symptoms are persistent without naturally feeling better 24-48 hours later or you're just generally concerned or curious, we always advise you to speak to your GP in case of any underlying health issues that you may not be aware of. Sometimes our body can show us something underlying is occurring so it must never be ignored. Do let your therapist know and they can update your personal consultation form appropriately for future sessions.


In the world of complementary therapy, the healing response is a remarkable phenomenon that should be embraced and celebrated. Rather than fearing or misunderstanding the side effects that can arise after treatments, we can view them as positive indicators of the body's healing process. It's important to recognize that discomfort or temporary shifts are often signs of progress and transformation, demonstrating the body's innate capacity for healing and growth.

By understanding the nature of the healing response, clients can feel more confident and empowered in their journey towards wellness. Open communication with your therapist and practicing self-care are essential elements of embracing the healing response. Share your experiences, sensations, and emotions during and after sessions, allowing your therapist to tailor the treatment approach to your specific needs.

Additionally, nurturing yourself through self-care practices will enhance the healing process. Engage in activities that support your well-being, such as gentle movement, deep breathing exercises, mindfulness, nourishing meals, and ample rest. By creating a supportive and nurturing environment, you provide the optimal conditions for your body to heal and transform.

Remember, the healing response is a testament to your body's wisdom and innate healing capabilities. It signifies that your body is actively engaging in the healing process, releasing toxins, rebalancing energies, and integrating healing on various levels. By embracing the healing response with empathy and understanding, you can embark on a transformative journey towards greater well-being and vitality.

Trust in your body's ability to heal, and honour the wisdom it holds. Embrace the beauty of the healing response as a powerful ally in your quest for wellness. With each session, you are taking a step closer to unlocking your full potential and experiencing a profound sense of wholeness.

May you embrace the healing response as a cherished companion on your path to well-being. Trust the process, listen to your body, and allow it to guide you towards a life filled with vitality, balance, and inner harmony.

I look forward to taking great care of you and supporting you with your Holistic Wellness. To book your next appointment visit here:

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