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Time to be HONEST about Social Media

The truth is, as Women in Business we all feel overwhelmed with social media, find the whole process heavy, disempowering and secretly wish it didn’t exist.

But it does and video content is king, so how can we show up and create our own space with the right audience, in a way that feels joyful, easy, aligned and meaningful to YOU?

I’ll be hosting a call talking about exactly how to do this. How to streamline and how you can find the right method for YOU.

It’s taken years of error, experimentation, leaving platforms only to join them because of FOMO again and then leaving again. Mistakes, successes and more.

It’s a journey and I believe we are meant to be tested until we find what works for us. Not what works for others, which is sadly what every single social media creator tries to convince you of…

So if you’d love to be part of this conversation and walk away with some newfound gold and perspective for your amazing business, come and join us.

It will be hosted inside our Discord in our LIVE LOUNGE.

Join our community and select attending to the event in events section to get the invite and reminders.

Sam x

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