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Why can't I find balance in my life?

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Are you REACTING with the wrong energy and is this exhausting you and your relationships?

Today I share why we struggle so much balance and why it's NOT WHAT YOU THINK!

Click to Watch more about the difference between Masculine vs Feminine Energies in Relationships (enjoy the screenshare diagram too!).

Click to listen to 5 great Somatic exercises to help you shift from REACTING to RESPONDING.

It's so hard to care about what we can't see.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Yet, everything we feel comes from this very place. A place that determines our thoughts, beliefs, actions, behaviours and habits.

We may even find ourselves calling our energies 'woo woo.' But don't we all find a way to deny a truth, when in truth, we don't want to face ourselves and take responsibility for how we've been showing up in the world?

However, deep down, we know vibes exist. We know physics has proved energy exists, both outside of ourselves and within.

We all know that drained feeling when we've encountered a negative energy.

We also know the opposite is true.

Night and day, the sun and the moon, Ying and Yang, inhale and exhale. Where there is one, there is the other. Both positive and negative, masculine and feminine.

So, I ask, why must we care?

How we relate to ourselves and others has a direct impact on our relationships.

We relate directly through our ENERGY.

Clients who work with me deeply, spend a great deal of time self-reflecting. To visit their internal compass: Their energy.

To discover where it's being spent.

Without clear boundaries we are at risk of overwhelm.

Those who don't set them, not only overwhelm themselves, but also risk overwhelming others.

If we learn what our different energies are and how we respond with them in our lives, we can uncover where they're working for us and where perhaps there's room to grow.

Ultimately, we can manage them better from a grounded response, therefore finding true, personal balance.

So sink deeper than wanting a work/life balance...find out how you're relating.


Feeling exhausted with work/life is a symptom, not the cause. Don't chase 'balance,' become the balance you seek.

When we harness our energy in a way that works for us with more awareness, truth and clarity, other areas of ourselves all of sudden feel lighter.

Do enjoy my video and podcast where I expand more on the differences between both Masculine and Feminine, as well as sharing 5 great Somatic exercises to help you shift from reaction to response so you can find balance through both mind and body.

Which energy do you identify yourself as operating from most of the time?

Does it help you?

Where in your life does it hinder you?

Are you ready to embark on your Somatic Healing Journey?

Here's how you can jump in and connect with me in a variety of ways. I look forward to meeting you.

'I just have to say this woman is amazing! Every time she posts she gives such valuable insight with compassion and calm and after watching for a while, I then did some coaching with this lovely lady who had me so at ease yet pushed me just that bit out of my comfort zone with absolutely amazing breakthroughs and results in just a short space of time. Even my 13 year old son joins in the tasks too and has now taken to doing meditations himself too. I am so grateful to have met Sam, I genuinely believe it was just at the right time for me and I value the new habits she's helped me create in our lives.' ~ Claire Fraser, 2021 ~

Always by your side whilst you rediscover yourself with love.

Samantha Jane x

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