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Introducing our Pack of 10 Plastic Inhaler Tubes, along with the 100% Natural Cotton insert. Your gateway to creating personalized blends and experiencing the benefits of aromatherapy in the comfort of your own home.  A favorite choice for those seeking a holistic wellbeing experience, conveniently fitting into your pocket for on-the-go use. Please note: This is an accessory pack - no Essential Oils or Blends are provided. 


Safety: Please keep these inhaler accessories out of the reach of children due to the small parts included. Ensure you check with your GP before using any Essential Oils if you have any current medical conditions.




Pack of 10 Inhaler Tubes

  • Each Inhaler Includes

    1 x Outer shell

    1 x Inhaler (inner shell)

    1 x  Highly absorbent, natural cotton stick

    1 x  Seal cap


    Assemble Instructions

    Step 1: Saturate the cotton stick with 10 – 20 drops of your favourite essential oil or blend. (5-10 drops for children)

    Step 2: Insert the saturated cotton stick into the inhaler (inner shell) and secure the seal cap.

    Step 3: Tightly screw on the outer shell to keep scent from drying out. (Approx life up to 3 months of use).


    Lifetime Durability: Replace the cotton sticks after 3 months or when preferred and use the same inhaler tube again. Recycle the plastic when disguarding. 


    How to Use

    Simply open the container and inhale the aroma when needed and enjoy the benefits of the 100% Pure, natural oils you've chosen.