A personalised therapeutic blend to aid your emotional and physical balance!


Enjoy the calming aroma along with the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of the pure essential oils made specifically for you. No order is the same. 


Whether its to aid sleep, decongestion, relief symtpoms of anxiety, feelings of depression, cravings... I will be able to guide you to the best oils for your needs during our consultation. 


This NEAT product can be used to add to your diffuser, oil burner with water, your bath (when mixed witha carrier oil), massage oil base, or to inhale using a personal inhaler or simply to add to your own homemade recipes. Safety guidance will be provided. 


Remember the general safety rule: 10ml of carrier = 6 drops of Essential Oil. Half this amount for children. 


Packaged using eco-friendly Aromatherapy Quality Glass. 



How would you like to feel? 

  • Relaxed & Calm
  • Revived & Uplifted
  • Tension & Stress Relief
  • Refreshed & Clear with Clarity


Simply think about the mood you're aiming for and let me create a special blend for you!*


*I will contact you directly once ordered to complete a short consultation so your recipe is exactly what you need. 

    Pure Organic Essential Oil Blends - Neat 10ml