Delightfully Aromatic Exfoliation and Nourishment!


Organic and 100% Natural Triple Salt Base oozing with a refreshing aromatic and healing Essential Oil Blend. 


Using Epsom, Pink Himalayan and Dead Salt together ensure your skin will benefit from fantastic vitamins and minerals. With additional Vitamin E for nourishment and a natural preservative. Base oils, Grapeseed and Apricot Oil. 


At consultation, we can discuss which Essential Oils will suit your mind, body and skin and a personal recipe will be created for you. 


Packaged using eco-friendly Aromatherapy Quality Glass. 



How would you like to feel? 

  • Relaxed & Calm
  • Revived & Uplifted
  • Tension & Stress Relief
  • Refreshed & Clear with Clarity


Simply think about the mood you're aiming for and let me create a special blend for you!*


*I will contact you directly once ordered to complete a short consultation so your recipe is exactly what you need.