An excellent option for those who love to release stress and tension in the tub!


Organic and 100% Natural Triple Salt Mix with a soothing, healing and calming aromatic Essential Oil Blend to help you unwind.  


Using Epsom, Pink Himalayan and Dead Salt together ensure your skin will benefit from fantastic vitamins and minerals.


At consultation, we can discuss which Essential Oils will suit your mind, body and skin and a personal recipe will be created for you. 


Packaged using eco-friendly Aromatherapy Quality Glass. 



How would you like to feel? 

  • Relaxed & Calm
  • Revived & Uplifted
  • Tension & Stress Relief
  • Refreshed & Clear with Clarity


Simply think about the mood you're aiming for and let me create a special blend for you!*


*I will contact you directly once ordered to complete a short consultation so your recipe is exactly what you need. 

SOOTHING & CALMING Aromatic Triple Bath Salts