Aromatic personal inhalers are so powerful and convenient. 


Our brains and our body responds very quickly to scents, giving an improved feeling of wellbeing. 


They are perfect to carry around with you if you can't be near your diffuser at home. 


They are also great for children. With safe recipe levels created for you, children really can find the benefits very calming.


A balancing recipe will be made for you depending on your current needs.


his product includes:

x 1 Moisture Repairing Lip Balm 15ml

x1 Stress and Anxiety Relief Pulse Point Roller 10ml

x 1 Stress & Tension Relief Aromatic Inhaler


A lovely convenient set for those seeking pocket size portable products for accessible support throughout the day.



How would you like to feel? 

  • Relaxed & Calm
  • Revived & Uplifted
  • Tension & Stress Relief
  • Refreshed & Clear with Clarity


Simply think about the mood you're aiming for and let me create a special blend for you!*


*I will contact you directly once ordered to complete a short consultation so your recipe is exactly what you need. 

Stress Relief on the Go