Just exquisite!


An uplifting and revitalising facial balm, 100% Natural, made personally to your current needs to order.


Enjoy the therapuetic and physical benefits of the essential oils and delicate base oil blend with beeswax.


Jam packed with nutrients and minerals.


This balm provides cleasing, moistursing and toning in one product.


You will be left glowing, feeling and looking uplifted and bright with the anti-aging and toning benefits. 


Beeswax performs as a barrier which also protects your skin from external nasties too! 


We are delighted that Client's have reported improved sleep and overall sense of wellbeing with this product, with many reporting it aids their sleep when used at night.


Essential Oils are powerful and a little goes a very long way, lasting you an incredibly long time due to the natural beeswax and Vitamin E preservative and coverage rate.


Organic, natural, chemical FREE and safe for every family member. 


Packaged using eco-friendly Aromatherapy Quality Glass. 



How would you like to feel? 

  • Relaxed & Calm
  • Revived & Uplifted
  • Tension & Stress Relief
  • Refreshed & Clear with Clarity


Simply think about the mood you're aiming for and let me create a special blend for you!*


*I will contact you directly once ordered to complete a short consultation so your recipe is exactly what you need.