Holistic Massage Treatments

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Clinical Reflexology

(Foot, Hand or Facial)

Restore Harmony, Calm & Balance

Promoting deep relaxation, calm and balance to your nervous system, alleviating stress & tension with this ancient pressure point, reflex therapy. Personalised to your needs and presenting symptoms. 

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Tui Na Acupressure Tension Release

Release stored tension, Regain Energetic Flow

This specific, Eastern inspired pressure point therapy promotes improved circulatory flow & feelings of increased energy whilst unblocking tension. Blended with Holistic Massage for deep relaxation & warmth. Personalised to your needs and presenting symptoms. 

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Traditional Indian Head Massage

(Upper body; back, shoulders, neck, head and face)

Rejuvenating & Restorative

Using ancient, Eastern inspired techniques to restore clarity, leaving you feeling light & refreshed, whilst alleviating feelings of tension and stress.


Highly recommend adding this to Reflexology for a 90min combined deeply relaxing therapy for complete North & South balance. 

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Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Relaxing & Warming

Using hot and pure Volcanic stones, melt away any feelings of stress & tension with this deeply warming and relaxing full body massage. Promoting reduced pain, improved circulation and lymphatic flow, allowing you to unwind with improved sleep and overall feelings of wellness.