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Client: Meghan Bishton

'Looking for transformation in your life? Look no further, Sam's your girl!!! I came to Sam for Life Coaching but I received so much more than I expected. Her calm and positive demeanour gave me a safe space to share, to laugh, to cry all while healing. Sam is an expert at listening but her true gifts lie in her ability to really dig deep through her questions. She challenged my thought process to allow my mind to expand and create new pathways and ideas I know I couldn't have gotten to on my own. We worked through my lack of confidence issues and where that stems from but more importantly she gave me the tools I needed to begin improving my confidence in myself outside of our sessions. Her integration of mind body techniques is a true treasure and I could not recommend her more!'

2021 - 7 - 6


Client: Karine Popot

'I am so grateful for the coaching with Sam. I am in the middle of a big professional project which requires a huge level of commitment and work, and I was feeling tired and a little bit afraid by the size of my own goal. She has created a very safe emotional space that allows me to express myself freely and dive deeper into my feelings. She gently guides me to find my answers and to put in place the actions and baby steps that were needed to build a more resilient lifestyle, to find some tools to soothe my overwhelmed feelings and continue to move forward. I have always felt listened to and genuinely supported to go deeper. Thanks to my work with her I have found more balance between different areas in my life and I am more equipped to face the challenge that my project brings me every day.'

2021 - 7 - 4

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Client: Jackie Jones

Sam is absolutely amazing. Recently did her circle of 8 training was so good, she is really great in drawing you out and giving you the tools to move forward, also love her reflexology too. Great person to work with and very knowledgeable in her field of expertise, would highly recommend Sam. 

2021 - 6 - 28


Client: Irene Thomson

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SAMANTHA. I've been going to Samantha for nearly two years and in that time I've enjoyed every massage, reflexology etc etc. I've even got my family going now. She is an excellent listener. Always has a calming presence and you feel at ease for the duration of your treatment. Wish I could book her for a whole day. She's fantastic.

2021 - 6 - 28

SJR 2.png

Client: Amanda Keen

Excellent therapist, knows just what you need to leave feeling restored and rebalanced. I highly recommend Samantha. Haven't had a better massage anywhere and Reflexology is amazing. 

2020 - 11 - 5

client review sj therapies 2.jpg

Client: Leah Hepburn

Last night I was with Samantha and other wonderful ladies at her Power of 8 Zoom meet. I loved how she delivered the course and how relaxed but deep and soul searching the whole experience was. 

She used many techniques and I was able to follow the whole thing easily. 

Samantha really flipped the mirror on what I thought I was doing and showed me that there was another step and more when I'm ready to move forward. 

I was able to connect to that inner critic and see where these thoughts had originated and can start to put an end to them one at a time. 

Samantha was honest and shared her truth which made it so much easier to relate and share mine. 

There was absolutely no pressure to share but if felt right for me to do so. I have woken up this morning with a sense of determination. I have picked my most 'used' affirmation and this morning started working on it. I have started the homework I set myself and feel so much more positive already. 

If you have thought about taking a course, a treatment or a call with Samantha, I say do it...she is so gentle and inspiring. 


Client Review SJ Therapies 4.jpg

Client: Charlotte Elizabeth

I love helping people and when Sam saw that I was struggling, I was only too happy to also help her out with her coaching case studies! Thank you Sam for guiding me and helping me truly spread my wings! If you're stuck and need some guidance, definitely take Sam up on her 1-1 offer!


client review sj therapies 3.jpg

Client: Claire Fraser 

I just have to say this woman is amazing! Every time she posts she gives such valuable insight with compassion and calm and after watching for a while, I then did some coaching with this lovely lady who had me so at ease yet pushed me just that bit out of my comfort zone with absolutely amazing breakthroughs and results in just a short space of time. Even my 13 year old son joins in the tasks too and has now taken to doing meditations himself too. I am so grateful to have met Sam, I genuinely believe it was just at the right time for me and I value the new habits she's helped me create in our lives. 


client review SJ Therapies.jpg

Client: Jo Louise 

I had the absolute pleasure of having some life coaching with Sam recently after some apprehension on my part. I have always struggled with counselling and have come away feeling even worse, rather than empowered. Talking candidly with Sam and understanding where some learned behaviours had come from really helped. Using the strategies Sam gave me to totally focus on myself at certain times and being aware of how important I am and how this affects mine and my children's happiness has been so crucial for my mental health. I don't find it easy to talk about my feelings and in a safe place to express my emotions. I honestly feel so much happier and now have the tools to make my life so much more manageable and by shifting some focus on myself for a change has made me a better mother (I think). I would highly recommend Sam xx



Client: Laura Souter 

I have had the pleasure of getting a trauma massage from Samantha and it was wonderful. I felt so relaxed, I drifted off to sleep during it and felt so light afterwards. Samantha made me feel very welcome and has such a lovely calming presence about her. I absolutely love the products that I have got from Samantha. *The foot balm is wonderful, nice fresh minty and zesty fragrance to it. I have even given my 2 tear old daughter a relaxing foot massage using the foot balm and she was so chilled out afterwards. *The relaxing roll on is fab, easy to pop in your bag and have on hand to roll on and have a relaxing aroma to ease stress. I've also been using the roll on in the evenings to help aid my little one to sleep and to relax, and it seems to be working which is great because her getting off to sleep in these times have been terrible. *The lip balm is lovely and lasts for ages, so you don't need to keep reapplying. *I've been using the inhaler in times of significant stress, and I have noticed a big difference in my mood after using it. This is also compact and easy to carry around with you. *The body oil smells amazing and applies all over the body very well. I would highly recommend Samantha's services and products 🥰👍🏻 Thank you so much Samantha, I will look forward to visiting again when times are better. Take care x



Client: Alison Clark

Having had two Reflexology sessions from Samantha I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking to spend a bit of time looking after themselves. Samantha is very knowledgeable and confident in her field. She has a knack of putting you at ease and I felt 100% safe in her hands. My second session in particular was very powerful and I felt a huge release of emotion afterwards. I'm looking forward to trialling hot stone therapy from Samantha this week :-) x


fiona wilson.jpg

Client: Fiona Wilson

Very intuitive, empathetic and patient practitioner, clearly has a passion and in-depth knowledge of her complementary therapies and cares very much about an individually tailored experience for every client. Felt very safe and relaxed in Sam’s care. Highly recommend Samantha as a therapist, particularly if it’s your first time or you’re nervous. Very calming personality. Looking forward to trying more of her treatments.



Client: Ashley Kilpatrick first I was sceptical about how an all over body balm would have any benefit to my dry flaky skin. I've used Epiderm, Aveeno and various other products over the years. Within three applications of Sam's body balm on my worst areas of eczema (knees and elbows), I could already see and feel a difference. The are was soft and no longer flaking with the affected area reducing in size daily. I couldn't recommend the product enough and with the small amount needed per application, the pot will last for a long (a nice glass pot too)! I love it and it smells amazing! I ordered her calm and relaxing blend to help calm my skin.



Client: Kerri Macdonald

Body balm.. I have been using this product for two weeks now, what a difference in my skin! I have very dry skin especially elbows and hands. Skin looks and feels so much healthy now. The balm came gift wrapped and included a tag with all ingredients listed. I had asked for a relaxing scent which is exactly what I got, not strong and overpowering like some chemically mass produced product but more of a subtle, natural fragrance. I use the balm at night before bed to aid sleep also.



Client: Claire Beatson

I have two boys aged 7 and 3. My youngest has had bowel issues pretty much since he was a few weeks old and this has resulted in awful temper tantrums from him and stress for us all. I had post natal depression stemming from this and so I didn't have much of a relationship with him. Doing Samantha's parent and child course has enabled us to build a much closer relationship because we can spend quiet and relaxed 1-1 time together which we just couldn't do before. He didn't sit for the entire time - he's 3, but he is able to chill out much more than ever before. Samantha's calmness and understanding meant I didn't stress that he wasn't sitting down the whole time and she still supported me to learn even without little feet to rub. The relationship I have with my youngest is so much closer now. I love spending time with him and he doesn't seem to be in the pain that he was before. An added bonus is that I can also use techniques learned on my older son who thorouhgly enjoys his quality time spent with a happy and calm mummy, plus he enjoys using the techniques on Mummy! Score!


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Client: Lucy Locket

I had the most heavenly facial and reflexology treatments from Samantha Jane last Friday morning, her knowledge is incredible too and confirmed my adrenals were out of whack along with a few other issues - I think I floated home post treatment 😄🧚‍♂️ and felt absolutely amazing all day and positively glowing. Everyone commented on how well I looked. Highly recommended and I'll definitely be going back for more much needed pampering. Thanks so much Sam. 



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Client: Lydia Gannon

My daughter Sophie visited Sam as she was dealing with anxiety, stress and struggling with sleep. It took a few sessions but the difference Sam made to Sophie’s sleep was remarkable. After 6 great sessions I decided to sign up to the parent and child class, so I could help Sophie when she needed it most. We both really enjoyed the classes, they really brought us closer together and helped me understand how Sophie was feeling. I can’t recommend both the reflexology and the parent classes more. I feel it’s something every parent would benefit hugely from for a great bed time routine.


laura kemlo.jpg

Client: Laura Kemlo

I had such a wonderful full body experience with Samantha recently. We had a great chat before the treatment where I found That Sam was happy to listen to all my issues and amended her treatment to suit. The massage was incredible, I fell asleep during the Indian head massage and the Hopi candle experience was incredibly relaxing! I can’t recommend Samantha enough, I’ve booked in to go again next week and will be buying some vouchers as gifts for Christmas!


claire fraser.jpg

Client: Claire Fraser

Sam made me a unique calming blend for my personal use at home and it smells just gorgeous, even my son loves it and she takes the time to make sure she gets it right for her customer and has such a calming influence herself xxx



Client: Maree Duguid

Had been suffering from broken sleep due to restless legs. Holistic massage from Samantha Jane was just what I needed. Thoroughly relaxing. Reflexology and Indian Head Massage on previous visits also fabulous. Can't recommend highly enough!


michelle sharp.jpg

Client: Michelle Sharp

I purchased a personalised Relief on the Go set and it is marvelous. Great communication and quick delivery. I will definitely be buying more items. Highly recommend Samantha Jane 😀



Client: Caroline Deakin

I attended the reflexology parent and child class with my 6 year old just before lockdown. We really enjoyed it and have been doing it since to help with a calm bedtime and just connect if he has had a difficult day. I also have one of Sam's body balms, it is lovely!



Client: Katrina Blair

I received the taster sets from Samantha and they were fantastic. I love the scrub you can tell its completely natural and left my back. Feeling amazing. The massage oil and nasel inhaler were fantastic also. I am yet to try the body balm but it smells amazing. Highly recommended. Thank you so much Samantha Jane Therapies, Perth. 


emma simpson.jpg

Client: Emma Simpson

A regular client of Samantha’s now, it’s the highlight of my week, every week! Having missed my visits so much during lockdown, I’ve been watching Sam’s live videos and practicing a couple of reflexology moves myself at home. I then decided to purchase the facial balm and have to say it’s already one of the most beautiful and cherished products on my dressing table! Amazing product, as great as anything I’ve ever purchased at twice the price, and to know it’s been made especially for me; that’s just priceless ❤️



Client: Lauren Budd

As well as working with me and my colleagues to train us in peer massage for children, which my staff all said was the best training they've had in a long while, Sam did a great reflexology session with me this morning! Absolutely fabulous 🥰



Client: Lois Scobie

I used to have Reflexology 6 years ago and to be honest after reflexology session 1 with Sam I am kicking myself why I left it so long. Sam is really easy to chat too and I truly believe she is gifted in her healing abilities. I cannot wait for my next Reflexology session and relaxation to follow. Self care is a high priority and I would recommend Sam to anyone 🙌💓😚x



Client: Lindsay Smith

Samantha is such a lovely caring person and makes you feel at ease immediately. I’ve had reflexology, Indian head massage and the Hopi candling, all fantastic treatments. (I’m slowly going through her list of treatments, so I can recommend them to others😜) When I leave I’m always so relaxed and feel like I’m floating. I even caught myself smiling driving home!!😂. I would highly recommend Samantha to all.



Client: Charlotte Webb

I had the most relaxing time with Samantha Jane, would definitely recommend.



Client: Vickii Mcdougall

Samantha is lovely and made us some special Aromatherapy Inhalers to help with cravings which were brilliant. I've a few treatments also recently which were amazing and will definitely be back for more, thanks Samantha x



Client: Vickii Mcdougall

Samantha is lovely and made us some special Aromatherapy Inhalers to help with cravings which were brilliant. I've a few treatments also recently which were amazing and will definitely be back for more, thanks Samantha x



Client: Anne Begg

I have been going to reflexology for a few months now . I find it very relaxing and beneficial to my well being. Samantha makes you very relaxed and comfortable and explains every to you. I’m a regular now and would recommend to everyone.



Client: Rebekah Hindley

Thank you so much for my 2 hours of pure bliss! I had the 2 hour full holistic package and can fully recommend it. Samantha really made me feel comfortable and I loved my treatment, although the 2 hours flew by, I felt so relaxed at the end. I will definitely return for further treatments and highly recommend anyone thinking of having an Indian head massage 💆‍♀️ full body massage and reflexology 🦶it’s fab xx



Client: Fiona Owen

I’ve been attending Sam’s reflexology classes with my two daughters and we are all loving it. The girls are so chilled by the end of each session and sleep extremely well. I love that I am learning skills to help them relax and ease anxiety. It’s a wonderfully bonding experience. Sam is a very patient teacher and so generous with her knowledge. I would highly recommend signing up for this course.



Client: Leanne Wallace

Just back from a 2hr app with Samantha. it was amazing. Don't remember the last time I felt this relaxed. looking forward to my next appointment x



Client: Chris Hone

Great choice of therapies, very relaxing surroundings and Samantha Jane provides excellent care. Thoroughly recommend!



Client: Jackie Robson

Had a wonderful Indian Head Massage followed by Reflexology. Such a relaxing combo treatment and Samantha was lovely. Look forward to my next visit 😁



Client: Jenny Macdonald

I booked with Samantha for the Indian head massage and reflexology treatment and thoroughly enjoyed it. I found the experience to be highly relaxing - just what I wanted and Samantha was professional. I can highly recommend Samantha and I will definitely return for more treatments.



Client: Joanne Reid

An amazingly relaxing reflexology session. My first time for reflexology and am sure I’ll be going back for more! Lovely way to feel pampered and relaxed. Thanks Sam 🦶💜



Client: Emma Banks

I went to Sam for my 1st reflexology session and I can honestly say it was one of the nicest experience's I've ever had. she's so kind and amazing with her hands. once the session was over she gave such detailed feedback into what she found it really was amazing. 100% would recommend can't wait to go back 😍😍



Client: Ashley Kilpatrick

Amazing instant results from both my ear candling and nasal tube that Sam Cooked up for me. Would highly recommend a visit. Especially if you have any sinus/ear issues 🥰


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