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Feel reconnected to mind and body. Once again living in total alignment. When we are connected to our SELF, we can connect with others.



Relearn self-love through acceptance. Acceptance of the past and the present so you live with purpose.



Through movement, you will release stored tension, on a cellular level & feel mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually empowered, knowing your exact identity.


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Do you often feel like you're constantly stuck in your head? Do you feel like you know what to do, but you are "trapped" in the anxiety cycle of consistently questioning yourself? You're not alone. If you believe you can be your own healer & you're now committed to yourself, you're in the right place. 

The Somatic Circle is a private, self-led community for those willing to do the work to create lasting personal & generational change. When we heal ourselves, our loved ones heal too. We are a community that believes

YOU are your own healer & Your body is the KEY to unlocking your mindset.


A private virtual community that provides a safe space away from Social Media to connect with other Somatic Circle Healers from around the world.

A LIVE virtual Workshop each month with Samantha Jane, plus Q&As on the monthly theme. 

Immediate access to our Somatic Library. It includes hours of content, exercises & tools for you. It expands as we grow together.

A monthly discovery topic to go deeper into your self-guided healing journey, including topics such as; boundaries, your subconscious mind, self-hypnosis, the ego, nervous system reset, vagal toning and more...

A LIVE virtual Somatic Circle each month with Samantha Jane to guide you through some deeply shifting healing moments together. #replays available.

A Special Guest session each month with a leading expert in the Healing Space.

Access to our Somatic Circle Broadcast. Receive Weekly Somatic Mantras to help you focus, set your new habits & reconnect back to YOU. 

A LIVE Connection Call every month with the community for a cuppa together.

Full Access to our themed Quarterly 15 Day Challenges to release, reconnect & reset your nervous system using Somatic Exercises. A fantastic thing to do for yourself regularly & when you need to kickstart new intentions and habits.*

A monthly Healing List of focused resources to compliment your monthly topic. 

First priority access to new offerings & opportunities.

***7 Day FREE Trial***

*Healers who commit fully to a Quarterly Challenge could WIN an exclusive and Powerful 1:1 with Samantha Jane.



Have you tried traditional therapy but walked away still feeling numb? Do you hear yourself saying, 'I know why, but I still can't seem to move forward?'


I hear you. When you have the right Somatic tools that work for YOU personally, you will become the key to unlock your stored Trauma.


'If anyone was to ask me what I did tonight and I was to say that I sat on zoom, with a beautiful bunch of ladies, taking in all the softness and gentleness of everyone's words, stories and advice. They would probably not believe me as I'm so quiet and reserved that I would never so this, or would I?

I'm so proud of myself, yes my camera was off and yes my only courage was through writing in the chat box, but I did it for me. 

If anyone is thinking about joining the Somatic Healing Circles but is afraid, then don't be. It's a beautiful place to be. 

Thank you for having me Sam xx'

~Susan Wilson~

Raw, honest, vulnerable connection creates a powerful shift in healing & connecting to yourself and others. 

There is nothing more sacred and powerful than sharing our experiences together in a safe space.


Have you ever wished that you were surrounded by others who could understand you? To be seen and heard without judgement, shame or advice, but just met with compassion

Within our community, we learn about our emotional energy and help it shift, move and release with Somatic Mind-Body Techniques and practices along with Re-wire Therapy & Vagal Toning, Meditation & Visualisations and MUCH MORE to help us move forward and heal together.

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What Somatic Healers say...

What our Somatic Healers say...

'Last night I was with Samantha and other wonderful ladies at her Power of 8 Zoom meet. I loved how she delivered the course and how relaxed but deep and soul searching the whole experience was.


She used many techniques and I was able to follow the whole thing easily.

Samantha really flipped the mirror on what I thought I was doing and showed me that there was another step and more when I'm ready to move forward.


I was able to connect to that inner critic and see where these thoughts had originated and can start to put an end to them one at a time.


Samantha was honest and shared her truth which made it so much easier to relate and share mine. There was absolutely no pressure to share but it felt right for me so I did.

I have woke up this morning with a sense of determination. I have picked my most 'used ' affirmation and this morning stared working on it. I have started the homework I set myself and feel so much more positive already.

If you have thought about taking a course, a treatment or a call with Samantha I say do it... she is so gentle and inspiring.'

~Leah Hepburn~